Charlie Sheen’s Words of Wisdom

Charlie Sheen produces golden quotes on-par with Mike Tyson when he was boxing.  His indecipherable ramblings are genius at the very least, and whatever he’s on must be really really expensive. He’s the celebrity lunatic of our time–Lindsay Lohan was in contention, but she never says anything interesting enough. The least a celebrity can do while on their descent to rock bottom is make it entertaining. C’mon Lohan, you’re better than this (okay, maybe not).

Anyway, there has been a new site created that’s dedicated to Charlie Sheen quotes. Anytime you feel down, go ahead and get on the Charlie Sheen quote website to help you remember this: you’re not Charlie Sheen, so life has to be good!

Here’s the website: www.LiveTheSheenDream.com

Can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen? He’s also on Twitter now!

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