Hesher Trailer Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt

Continuing to show his vast range, Joseph Gordon Levitt stars in Hesher as a grungy pyromaniac that bonds with a troubled 13-year old boy.

In the past, Levitt has played a traumatized, homosexual prostitute, a hard-nosed teenage loner turned impromptu detective, a hopeless romantic, a troubled army veteran, a disabled  has-been, and most recently a clutch point man. He is truly a young talent to look out for, and is currently cementing himself as a premiere actor. Hesher seems like it will be another film where Levitt can display his tremendous talents as an actor.

Hesher also stars Natalie Portman, Rainn Wilson, and Devin Brochu. The trailer looks like a frenzy of chaos, but it does the job by getting one’s attention.  This film will be director Spencer Susser’s  first feature film, and from what I’ve  seen in his short films, he is a sharp talent that knows quality is key.

Release Date: May 13, 2011

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