Jeremy Renner Taking on Jason Bourne Legacy

A few years ago Jeremy Renner was a relatively unknown actor, but ever since his two Academy Award nominations, for his work in the Hurt Locker and the Town, Renner has been in the selective Hollywood spotlight. Before those game-changing films, he has given outstanding performances in such films as Neo Ned and 28 Weeks Later and now he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Looking at his line-up of film projects, Renner seems to be in kick-ass mode with his roles in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, the Avengers (playing Hawkeye), and now he’s in talks to take the torch for the Bourne films.

Renner will not be taking over the role of Jason Bourne from Matt Damon, but he will be headlining a new chapter of the Bourne Legacy where the Jason Bourne character will not be the main focus. The man is more than capable of being an action  star, and will more than likely be amazing.

The petty concern of  Hollywood heads? Word on the street, ever since the Hurt Locker came out,  is that Jeremy Renner is a homosexual, but is trying to keep that detail under wraps to protect his film projects. Many believe that an action star can’t be attracted to the ass that he’s kicking, but as long as his character isn’t gay I think it will work. I’ll take that back, it would be interesting to see a homosexual character that’s a complete badass. Sherlock Holmes came pretty close.

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