Mike Tyson’s Reaction to Bieber’s Film

Mike Tyson, formerly known as  Iron Mike,  Kid Dynamite, and the Baddest Man on the Planet, had a few choice words about Justin Bieber’s new film Never Say Never. If Tyson was still what he was like several years ago, he wouldn’t have even attempted to watch Bieber’s life story in 3-D, but times have changed, the world continues to get softer, and Tyson is looking to re-invent himself. The mid-90s Tyson would’ve done something crazy if he ran into Bieber, like stomp on his testicles or shave his head. If you think about it, Tyson was crazier than anything coming out of all the “crazy” reality TV shows we have now.

He is now more tranquil and easy-going than the raging beast of a time long ago. Starring in the Hangover, and the Hangover II put him on the map in the world of comedy. He has even participated in some hilarious videos spoofing the Bobby Brown classic, “Every Little Step,” and Oscar talk. That’s pretty entertaining, but not as entertaining as his bizarrely philosophical rants and his murderous knockouts.

Lets rewind back to the old Mike that was a brutal animal inside the ring and out. Say he was forced to watch Justin Bieber’s film, what would he have said?…

Entertaining as hell, but lets take a look at today’s Tyson, and his actual response to Bieber’s film…

Great. He has been diluted to a cuddly teddy bear.

In his defense, he did watch the Bieber film with his daughter. If he watched it by himself and made a video message to the Biebs (and referred to Justin Bieber as “the Biebs”) I would probably be worried. Very worried. Maybe he got paid to do it or maybe he actually liked the film. Yes, he’s a changed man, but he still has the ability to be unpredictable. Justin Bieber and Mike Tyson in the same sentence? That’s as absurd and peculiar as someone saying  that their favorite comedy is Schindler’s List, but being peculiar is normal for Tyson.

I dug the old Mike. He was a ruthless and entertaining animal that always spoke his mind. This Mike is definitely a changed man, just enjoying life, and I can dig that too (but I’m still not watching Never Say Never).

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