Steve-O Broke Nose After Running into Tyson’s Fist At Charlie Sheen Roast

Leave it to Jack-Ass star Steve-O to do something stupid. At the end of the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, Steve-O requested fellow roaster Mike Tyson to hold up his fist so that he could run into it. Steve-O already had one previous attempt at it, in the middle of the show, but the impact wasn’t clean enough for him.

Pretty bold of Steve-O to do such a thing. Of course, we all know what would happen if a bare-fisted Tyson actually swung full force at Steve-O (now that, I would like to see).

He later thanked Tyson via Twitter, writing, “Tonight I asked Mike Tyson for a black eye and I wound up with two black eyes and a broken nose. Thanks so much, Brother! @MikeTyson.”

Steve-O assured fans he’ll show off his battle scars as soon as they’ve peaked.

“I would post a photo of how messed up my face is now, but I’m going to look so much more awesome tomorrow, it’s going to be worth the wait.”

I will update this tomorrow with the picture of Steve-O’s bruises and disfigurement because I’m nice. In the mean time, enjoy the picture to your right of Mitch Green, a former Heavyweight boxer who lost to Tyson in the ring and then tried to start a fight with him outside the ring.

[Featured Image from YouTube screencap]

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