Phanit Duong

Phanit Duong, known professionally as Hella Chluy, is a Cambodian-American YouTube personality from Brooklyn, New York. He is most known for doing comedic video skits relating to Khmer culture. Majority of his skits are in the Khmer Language.

Phanit Duong Facts
Date of Birth
, (41 years old)
Birth Place
Birth Sign
Memo Jackson, Hella Chluy
Under Review
How do I contact Phanit Duong?

Interesting facts on Phanit Duong:

  • As of November 7, 2016, Phanit’s YouTube channels has over 18,000 subscribers and 4 million views and his Facebook videos has over 11 million views and 65,000 page likes.
  • Aside from doing skits, Phanit raps and sings under the alias Memo Jackson.

[Photo courtesy of Phanit Duong]

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